Welcome to <Debonair>!

[O] Gormac Admin posted Aug 15, 17

Welcome to the official guild website for <Debonair>!

We are a long-established (circa. November 2008) Horde guild on the (EU) Bladefist/Frostwhisper/Zenedar servers and we pride ourselves on establishing a friendly, welcoming and moderately insane community! Our members include people from all over the world with varying experiences of playing WoW and other games.

Our aim is to enhance your enjoyment of playing WoW and we welcome new guild members irrespective of their preferred playstyle (raiding, PvP, levelling, etc.) although please bear in mind that we are a casual guild and therefore our raiding activities (Weds/Thurs/Sundays) adopts a slower-paced, progressive style that is preferred by our members who juggle a variety of commitments.

This website is an additional resource to promote the social community that our guild members are part of alongside being a continually-developed facility for members to interact with, ask questions, discuss tactics, develop class knowledge and socialise about anything both game and non-game related!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!


Injin [Guild Master]

Ashenburger, Dinosticks, Espritvaste, Gormac, Gruknar, HolydemonnIthaka Moox [Guild Officers]